Power Door Lock Repairs
Transmission fluid & filter changes
Brake rotor & drum resurfacing & replacement
Frame & Body Services
Engine Air Filter Replacement
Electrical Services
Fluids and Filters
Engine Oil & filter changes
Brake fluid flushing & refilling
PCV Filter Replacement
Battery Charging, Refilling & Replacement
Battery Cable Terminal Cleaning & Replacement
Headlight Cleaning & Repairs (Halogen, LED, HID, etc.)
Turn Signal & Interior Lighting Repairs
Fuse Replacement
Short Circuit Locating & Repair
Ignition System Services
Spark Plug Changes
Coil & Coil Pack Replacement
Ignition Wire Replacement
Tires Installed, Repaired, Balanced, Inflation-Checked
Wheel Alignment 2 or 4 Wheel
Distributor Cap Changes
Rotor Changes
Crankshaft & Camshaft Postion Sensor Repair
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Water Pump Replacement
Shock Absorber Replacement
Macpherson Strut Replacement
Load-Leveling System Repair
Interior Comfort
Audio System Repair & Upgrades
Power Seat Repairs
Sunroof Repairs
Anti-Lock Brake Repairs
Exhaust System Repairs
Muffler Replacement
Aftermarket Exhaust Serviced & Installed
Weatherstrip Repair & Replacement
Harness Repair & Replacement
Windshield Crack Repair & Replacement
Windshield Wiper Replacement
Transmission Repair & Replacement
AWD, RWD, 4WD, Automatic or Manual
Timing Belt Replacement
Air Conditioning & Heat Repairs
Anti-Freeze & Coolant Flush/Fill
If you are in the local area and you don't have time to bring your car in, call Pete and he can make arrangements to have your car picked up or he can arrange to take back to home or work after you drop it off.
We provide expert Computer Diagnostics and State Testing for Cars, Trucks and Fleet Vehicles.  Our ASE certified technicians provide the most accurate and honest state emissions testing and inspections.
Engine & Transmisson Services
Fuel Injection Serviced
Power Window Repairs
We also offer Fleet Service & Maintenance
Fuel Tank Cleaning & Replacement
Axle and Spindle Repairs
Coil Spring & Torsion Bar Repairs
Lubrication & Bushing Replacement
Fuel Pump & Oil Pump Repairs
Manifold & Exhaust Leak Detection
Complete Classic Restoration
Extreme Car Performance Mods
Interior & Exterior Detailing
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